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During the start of the master thesis a lot of work was put in to looking in to prior art, trying to gather all the necessary information for my thesis. I've also spent countless hours in SolidWorks CAD going over the model and conducting new simulations for every design change. The main goal of the redesign have been to minimize the surfaces and features of the structure that is only "cosmetic" meaning the features that doesn't have any impact upon the structural integrity of the component. With the goal to minimize the cost of manufacturing of the product. The beginning of every thesis work is the most boring part of it all, trying to gather all the information tends to leave you reading a lot of scientific reports about different subjects without any need for the information in the end. But during this phase of the work I've been looking in to how one constructs "correct" manufacturing drawings of a product, and I've been fortunate to have been provided with a teacher at GRW-Products. The company who helped me manufacture my first ever prototype of the Hydra Coupler. We've been going over every aspect of the drawings trying to develop all documentation of the product for future manufacturing needs as well as quality control. And this has been very rewarding working along side experienced manufacturers and learning the tricks of their trade. As well as getting a deeper insight in to 2D-Drawings in AutoCad, as well as to manufacturting tollerances, which is something new for me. I'm so happy to be able to conduct this thesis and preparing and develop the processes needed for manufacturing of the coupler, later on this fall I hope to find a suitable company for manufacturing for the first series of components :).


More news coming in a near future :)


Last updated: May 29, 2018

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