Let's be honest,

2020 did not start the way according to plan.

I've been in discussions with multiple parties about my work, and interest in my work has been expressed by different parties, but the current pandemic situation did not benefit my goal of reaching a partner or customer for the patent. Since the Covid-19 outbreak slowed the process down.

But I'm trying to stay positive.

The current situation has allowed all parties to assess my work, and hopefully, allowed them to formulate their plan for the outcome of the discussions.

But I'm pleased with the responses I've received about my work, and feel hopeful that I can find someone who also sees the value of my coupler for the user. Since this's been the missing component for me as a user I believe that others are in the same situation.

I can't see a down sight for a quick coupler that can be integrated inside cosmetics and allowing for interchangeable components. Allowing for further development of a modern modular prosthetic system. That the market seems to turn towards.

In other news;
I'm fortunate enough to say that I've got a job and that I have enough work to sustain my will and drive to evolve as an engineer. Since I've been able to work fulltime at ABB Traction as a production engineer during these different times. Even if I work from home to keep the social distancing at a maximum, I'm pleased to have something to do. However, I miss having a normal work routine, having a random discussion during the coffee break with my colleagues. :) Hopefully, I could post a blog about what I'm working on in my everyday life with some pictures, but I have to get this approved before I publish anything, but I'll look into it :).

And since I'm fortunate to still have all my loved ones with me during this pandemic, I feel lucky. In March when the outbreak started I could not grasp how this would impact my situation, but lost time is nothing compared to how it could have been.

But hopefully, I can reveal more good news soon, and start to go about life in a normal fashion.

Stay safe out there,


Last updated: May 29, 2018

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